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Lenovo Yoga 2 1051F – FN Key

So I bought the Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet 1051F. It is great.
Except that one flaw: There is no fn lock or possibility to disable the fn key. That means in case you need your function keys (F1-F12) you always have to twist fingers. If you – like me – need the function keys often e.g.

– F2 for editing
– Alt + F4 for closing
– F5 for reloading the browser

you need a solution for locking the fn key or making the function keys available.


So I spent some time in Lenovo Forums and googling and found several ideas, ranging from disabling the option in the BIOS (host key, function key, media key) or using hotkeys like ESC+FN, CAPS+FN or updating the drivers. I also tested SharpKeys, which was not able to detect the function keys. None of these ideas worked.

I ended up with AutoHotKey, which was able to detect the fn key special functions. So I wrote my own script which is doing exactly what I wanted. In case you encounter the same problem I share it with you. Two options are available:

– Download and install AutoHotKey (.exe, 2,9MB) and this script (.ahk, 1KB). Install AHK and run the script.

– Download this standalone script (.zip, 392KB) which does exactly the same but you don’t need AutoHotKey.

After running the script you will be able to normally use the Function Keys (except F11 and F12 as these are also print and home key). The media functions of the keyboard won’t work anymore. I didn’t need them anyway. In case you need them, you can just exit the script in your system tray.

I put the script in my windows startup folder, so now I do not need to worry any more about missing and disabled function keys. Let me know if it worked for you also!

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