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iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch

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Running on Android 2.3 and up. Also for tablets

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Windows Phone

BEPAC for Windows Phone is still in developmen

Your Math study.Made easy.

Whether Mathematic, Physics, Information or Engineering Sciences – BEPAC is the first Math-App for Students in courses focussing Mathematics. You can decided on your own, if you would like to work on all exercises in each topic or if you prefer a particular subtopic. You like to mix-and-match? No worries. Just combine the topics and subtopics you need. A single click on the start-button and you can succesfully learn math!

★ Exercises (Questions + Explanations) for advances Math-prone courses
★ Detailed Explanations with graphics from scientific employees
★ Topics and Subtopics for a structured overview
★ Visual representation for a better understanding
★ Possiblity to add favorits for a later time or to show your fellow students
★ Known and also unusual questions to gain comprehensive understanding
★ Visual Statistics for a better understanding of your current progress
★ Free text search to find particular exercises
★ Different difficulties
★ Appealing design and easy-to-use”